Wedding Manicure & Nail Art

The hands of a bride, flawless protagonists at the ceremony

There’s something a bride really can’t help but have her hands well-finished. The hands of a bride are protagonists of the most fundamental and symbolic moment during the wedding: the exchanging of the rings, that seals the mutual newlyweds promise. They’ll be at the centre of the gaze, of all the pictures. So, to let them be admired by all the guests, they should be silky and pleasant. The bride must feel comfortable in the situation and proud to show them.

Nail Art for Weddings

Find out if my service fits you

My manicure service for the bride, for the bridesmaids and for the lady guests is perfect for:

  • Brides who chose Italy for their wedding and are looking for a full image care service planned to be performed cosily at the wedding location.
  • Brides who chose Italy as the location for their wedding and who need not only an all-inclusive and high-level beauty service, but also a staff who can speak a good English and who’s used to work for an international and exclusive clientele.

Bridesmaids and guests that once in Italy are looking for someone to take care of their hair, makeup & nails for the wedding day, right before the event and in loco. The team of professionals is available to give them counselling, suggestions on beauty, according to the wedding mood.

My manicure service for the bride

Your Wedding Beauty Team was born to offer a full image service provided with the best standard for a bride on her wedding day in Italy. We are a team composed by image professionals skilled in makeup, hair and manicure, able to create a look customized and shaped on the bride’s wishes, according to her unique body characteristics, to her wedding dress, to the type of ceremony and her own style.

Wherever you decide to celebrate your wedding we will reach you at your location and we’ll take care of every detail for your beauty.  You’ll have a personal stylist who’s going to spend her best attention to coordinate all the team.

No matter how the style you chose for your wedding is, your hand care is an essential element. You may decide for a nature look: perfect short almond-shape nails, delicate and light colours nail polish or a soft French manicure. Even though, you’ll have the chance to ask for a reconstruction or plus elegant decoration also. Anyway, as a result, it must be important the harmony of your hands. Everyone will be staring at them, they’ll be caught by photographers during the ceremony, they’ll be tightening to your groom’s ones, to your guests’, to your flowers bouquet. Every imperfection may be noticed, especially if they’ll look aggressive.

We are all updated about the latest international trends, we work world wide and we are used to understand our international customers’ desires. In the nail art field Your Wedding Beauty Team involves a rewarded professional on the international scenery, who’s majored in all the reconstructions and decoration techniques. Only the best raw material is used.

How does my makeup service work?

To book our beauty stylist service you can page us as soon as you decide the location and the date of the wedding, approximately 4-6 months before. We usually consider the manicure service as complementary to the makeup and the hairstyle service to get a laboured and coordinate result, keeping all the details together.

If your groom and you come in Italy before the wedding to decide all the details in first person, we will meet each other to define the style and to collect your preferences about all the particularities you may ask for. According to this information we’ll study a total look for your wedding day and we’ll decide for the best manicure style too. On the contrary, if you don’t come in Italy before the wedding, we will arrange a skype call to communicate and be aware of your preferences. We’ll share pictures and mood board to create your look.

Your hand care we’ll have our full attention. We’ll suggest you some preparatory hand and nail treatments to have them healthy, smooth and silky. For what concerns your ceremony shoes, don’t be worried: if you decide to wear open toe or jewel sandals, we’ll take care of your pedicure too. We’ll give you advices about the nail polish nuances that combines with your fingers and your nails the most. Whether you decide for a transparent and natural milky nuance, or you prefer long/reconstructed nails, we’ll find out the best stylish solution for you, to let you be gorgeous and comfortable.

If you decide for an easy manicure we may realize it right on your wedding day, at the same time your personal stylist will be working on your makeup and your hairstyle. On the other hand, if you prefer nail art or a reconstruction, that usually takes more time to be realized, our nail expert will reach you the day before.

To complete the look, we can offer:

  • Makeup service for the bride
  • Hairstyle service for the bridal
  • Makeup & hair touch up service during the wedding day. The stylist will be available to grant a flawless look for pictures, videos and during the all party.
  • Eye lash extension to underline your glance

Manicure service for bridesmaids, witnesses and guests

Your Wedding Beauty Team can take care of your bridesmaids look, so that to be sure they will be properly combined to the bride and to the bridal style. The stylist will follow up each of them during the preparation on the wedding day, moreover she will look after their manicure, if request the day before also. The complete image counselling is inclusive for the guests who may ask for it: standard manicure or nail reconstruction and pedicure. Be sure to book an appointment for the day before if you need some longer aesthetic treatment such as nail reconstruction.

We guarantee avantgarde professionals, skilled on contemporary techniques and trends, impeccable in elegance and used to demand while selecting raw materials. All these counselling services must be reserved 1-2 weeks before.

Bride makeup, basics information

What kind of manicure does fit a bride the most? Is absolute sobriety required or some personal details may be added? If you wish to be perfect and classy, hand care is really something you can’t ignore at all. Your hands will be protagonists in the most important ceremony moment: the exchange of wedding rings. So, it’s necessary for you to take care of you hands in advance e to choose carefully the kind of manicure that will fit you the most, that let you have natural and slender fingers to show. A bride’s hands must be perfect, silky, smooth, nails must be well-finished, balanced in shape and extension.

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