Our team in Salerno

This are our local professionals, but don’t worry the rest of the team will join you at your wedding location!


Hair StylistDavide Hair Stylist


Make-up ArtistErnestina

Thanks to the synergy among the professionals of Your Wedding Beauty Team I’ve been keeping up-to-date and expanding my experience while working for smaller and bigger luxury wedding. I’ve learned how to engage every call with determination and serenity, to welcome my clients and let them feel comfortable and free to express their wishes. Every bride and every bride’s entourage are a unique experience for me, full of emotions and colours to remember of.


Make-up Artist and Nail Specialist


Make-up ArtistNoemi

I attended the makeup Academy and I majored in weddings’, even though I’ve always been interested in exploring new scenarios such as fashion and cinema also. I usually work in Tuscany both for bigger and smaller events. I’ve always offered a trusty service and I’m used to combine every gesture with a smile attitude, because my passion is not only about makeup, but it also deals with every women’s spiritual beauty. I’m happy if my work can contribute to let the wedding day be the really an extraordinary one.

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