How would you like your beauty team to create your bridal look?

Wedding hairstyle

What do you think about getting to know each other better, in order to understand how working with us would be? Each and every bride has lots of expectations and some anxiety about her look on the wedding day. And, especially in case of getting married far away from hometown, one has to rely on the makeup and hairstyle skills of unknown beauty artists. I created Your Wedding Beauty Team because I aimed to offer to women from all over the world a reliable and high quality service when marrying in Italy, flawless in terms of timing and results. Please let me tell you more about the essential aspects on which we focus the most.

1. Valorizing the uniqueness of beauty

In order to enhance each woman’s facial beauty and highlight her authentic nature without altering it, I always ask to my team to carefully look at every detail of her visage, her lineaments, and her head of hair. The customer needs to feel our commitment in making her unique, because each makeup session is an individual relationship, a tool for universally communicating beauty.

2. Listening to demands and build empathy

In order to design the best look for each woman we work with, it becomes essential to listen to her needs and desires, and to ask questions to be sure of interpreting any request and detail in the best possible way. In summary, making them feel always at the center of attention. My customers recognize the emphatic quality and feeling I am able to immediately establish, and, quite often, a makeup session generated durable relationships made of esteem and affection. A session with us is primarily a cuddle and a moment for pampering yourself, only then We will do our best to create the right atmosphere of cosiness and relaxation.

3. Following novelties and updates

As Artists of Beauty, we are naturally curious about novelties and love being always updated about news products and techniques representing the avant-garde of our field. Prior of introducing a new cosmetic product or brand to customers, we test it for a long time on ourselves and we are very critical with our selective standards of quality. We aim to carefully recommend even the most demanding women, and to fulfill the request of brides coming from a large array of countries and different cultures. We are always updated to last fashion and beauty trends, in order to immediately create a relationship and a communication with customers and fully understand their styles and desires.

4. Giving beauty consulting

The real value of what we offer to brides and their guests who want to feel perfect is to create a harmonious look, which includes makeup, hairstyle and manicure designed to best fit with the dress, accessories and the style of the wedding ceremony. From our professional viewpoint, we propose solutions and give recommendation to enhance natural beauty. In case asked, We could help a woman to renew her look and see herself in a different way. Conversely, for women with already defined beauty ideas, We will listen to your needs and realize the bridal look you ask for.

5. Maximizing the time of each beauty service session

During the wedding preparation phases, time is always a limiting factor. Thus We want to fulfill every bride’s need in the shortest possible time frame, and We do not want to generate additional stress or exhaustion. Moreover, very often, the team simultaneously takes care of the beauty of multiple women, including bridesmaids and guests. To achieve this, working with extreme organization and coordination is pivotal. We are a very close-knit team and a group of professionals trained to cooperate, because what finally really matters is obtaining the flawless results in the established time frame and the respect for customers.

If you are currently planning your wedding ceremony in Italy and you wish to know more about our services, please contact us.

Consuelo will answer to you within the shortest possible time frame.

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